Publish, research, publish

So I have a book chapter that is out today!  Educating Educators with Social Media is the book and I wrote a chapter on using media in libraries…information literacy classes.  It was a lot of fun and I hope we can carry on with the projects.  I am excited to teach a social media and libraries class this summer.  I always need to put a brake on it though…not just use media for media’s sake.

I’m always looking back to Tufte as well…how is the media designed?  What are we doing and what are we saying?  What genres are adult learners using to navigate the new media and what effect does it have on their learning?  Are we creating knowledge through information display?

How does this effect different communities?

Ok so enough questions…I need to find some answers.  My research needs to be more clearly defined and attenuated to my audience of education scholars.  I need to publish it and get the word out to practitioners.  No ivory tower for me – the information does no good if does not reach those who need it.



One comment on “Publish, research, publish

  1. I really love your research goals- to make it relevant to those who need it- these are my goals in research as well! Congratulations on the book chapter- I am definitely interested in reading the book and getting some insight into how libraries are using new technologies and perhaps social media as well to engage people. I am working on a qualitative research paper this semester and might like to focus on something related to the work you’ve done here. Thanks for an excellent post- and blog!

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