Thank you – I’m not crazy

Dr. Tuere Bowles from NCSU was a guest speaker in my adult learning class last week and she is an incredible teacher.  One of the best teachers I have ever been fortunate enough to hear.  She showed us an interview with Dr. Carol Wiessner – also of NCSU – who passed away two years ago.  Dr. Wiessner was an incredible woman and her path through academia – after being thought unintelligent – is inspiring.  Her comments made me realize that I don’t have to learn the way others want me to.  Dr. Wiessner’s struggle with traditional learning and her success is an ongoing reminder that we don’t all learn the same way….and we are not dumb.

I am so happy that there are professors out there who do recognize that there is not one way of doing things…we should respect the way people learn, the way they write, the way they communicate.  Of course we need empirical evidence…and of course we need those that can transcend the empirical and ask hard questions that lead to more research.  Instead of marginalizing those that do not represent the status quo.  As an educator I hope I can respect and understand different modes of thinking and learning, while I will have my biases and my own beliefs I do not want to become so closed off that I cannot see past them.  Reflexivity is necessary to be a good educator – I don’t want to indoctrinate…I want people to think.


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