outside with ICT – can it transform?

I’m still thinking a lot about being outside in the classroom – I want a safe learning space that encourages debate but doesn’t marginalize.  My interest areas in online environments for adults make me ask questions about that as a safe environment.  Is blended better than only online?

Blended learning – if you marginalize people in the classroom is there any reason you will respect them virtually?  Research shows a bully culture in academia, anecdotally we hear about bullies online – perhaps creating the space is harder.

An ICT Transformative Learning Theory (thank you Dr. Bowles) can open up these spaces for exploration – but the theory and the subsequent practice must address the learning space, the culture – it must respect the learner.  Cultural Geographer Donald Meinig discusses “10 versions of the same scene” and I want to explore our online spaces through these multiple versions.  In a way that makes a challenging, safe, reflexive learning environment for students and teachers.

I want the outsiders to have a space where they can learn without sacrificing who they are.


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