Transformed…140 Characters

I am a librarian – I love to find information.  I also realized that at times I am too complacent…google scholar or an academic database is all I need to use.  Well…My technology and transformative learning lit review seemed stalled – I was looking for the theoretical underpinnings of the two areas.  I’ve used these keywords:  transformative learning, ICT, educational technology, educational theory, technology, distance education, online education in a myriad of databases.  Found articles that skirted my topic but I was not quite satisfied…then I decided to search twitter.


I used the search transformative learning….found a tweet from @veletsianos about a special issue of Educational Technology that is all about transformative learning – it was posted 2/25/11.  @veletsianos is Dr. George Veletsianos is Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at the University of Texas, Austin.  His blog is wonderful and you should check it out here

So this took me on a new path…opened up so many doors and still led me to the scholarly articles I need.  Environmental scanning to me is a key tool in finding information – and that includes using what some would consider unconventional tools.  I keep hearing we need to teach in places where the students reside…we should also search in places that scholars reside.



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