TL Habermas Freire Kuhn Mezirow

Transformative Learning is a wonderful tool; however, I sometimes think that Mezirow isn’t given enough credit?  When I look at the scholars who undergird TL I believe it does encompass more than the individual.  Granted Thomas Kuhn and is views on normal science have always been a favorite of mine, but to see the way the discursive process runs through all of these thoughts is wonderful.

The discursive process enhances the individual and society – I don’t that Mezirow can be dismissed in so many ways when his theory is grounded in the aspects of the concious and unconcious.  The dialogue between Dirkx and Mezirow is excellent and I believe Mezirow shows the finer points of bringing the unconcious to the discursive product.

These are ramblings on my midterm…


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