Part-time Ph.D.

Wow…not sure what to say.  The work is so rewarding and the colleagues are wonderful, but it is so hard.  I know, I know,  a Ph.D. should be hard and I agree – my career is also fulfilling and wow…need to get it done.  Adult Education is a passion of mine and studying it while also acting it is even more intriguing.  I can see how some of these theories work and how context is so important to them all – some work for me, some work for others,  perhaps some work for none…still figuring that out.  CAn I study my experience for a diss?  I don’t think so, but a biography of the part-time phd would be great…a guidebook so to speak…something we can also hand out to our other adult students.  I used to think the end would come, but it never ends…the research is ongoing – as it should be – and our role as educators must always be this hard – we need to get things done, bring about change and transformation

although sometimes I do look for the end,  my spirit always renews…


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