Learning how to pass a course

Learning….what does it mean?  Does it mean I passed a course?  No…although I’m beginning to think that is all that matters – not content knowledge, not new ideas, just entering the profession with the appropriate letters.  At what point does higher ed become professional training?

In a sense it is professional training – learning the vocabulary of a group, learning to interact with group members – but I also expected some professional freedom.  Freedom for new ideas, fresh discourse, freedom from those that marginalize others…is it still out there?  In the confines of a particular genre obviously, but still freedom to disagree…not maintain the party  line…

Not what do you learn or what do you contribute, but here is what you have to “do” to finish this degree.  I want to learn – I’m not interested in a mechanistic passage…but an exciting, reflexive path that allows for transformation…it will happen…


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