Incredible students

I have amazing students and I am so proud to be working with them.  The ACE Scholars program put on the Un-Hushed conference and showcased their many talents.

I love teaching…I am seeing so much creativity and critical thinking that I am excited about the future of the profession.  Being able to adapt to change and make the change work for social justice is wonderful.

Social justice is a recurring theme among many of my colleagues as well…how can we equalize, or better yet, stop marginalizing difference?  It is through the work of these students and my colleagues – we will make a difference.



One comment on “Incredible students

  1. Yesterday at the IDEA Forum with Molly Raphael, I brought up issues in rural communities where people are extremely undereducated, are not transliterate, and are simply being taken advantage of by people who do have information advantages. I’d like to work to change this but I feel pretty small and helpless about it now.

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