AERA and presentation

AERA is a great conference and I feel so proud to present…I received some great feedback from other educators and I look forward to publishing the study!  I’ve got to get the IRB ready and move forward with the research this summer…woo hoo!

It was also wonderful to hear people doing qualitative research – I feel that it is marginalized in some of my classes so it is really nice to hear the research others are doing.  Especially hearing academics I admire such as Elizabeth St. Pierre – she gave me a charge to continue this type of research – while staying true to my non-positivistic beliefs.

The cyber-ethnography groups were incredible…there is such a rich research cyber-ground and the professor from Mexico was very moving.  She lives in an area that has been devastated by the drug wars and she believes the only way to understand the people in her region is by using cyber tools.  Cyber ethnography could tell researcher so much about how to educate in these environments…

I came away from AERA feeling fabulous about my course of study and excited to move forward!



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