School is starting…for the teacher and the student

Wow…summer is over…it was busy and crazy and exhilarating!  We had a wonderful orientation at UNCG and a fabulous group of students coming in…not too mention that I have almost 40 students in my Foundations Course this Fall!  Wow!  I can’t wait to get to know my new colleagues!

I also am starting as a Ph.D. student this semester…moving from the Ed.D. was the right decision but it is going to be a wild ride.  I’m starting the qualitative research course and couldn’t be happier.

Even better is that I spent some of the summer with my diss chair performing research at the LOC…wow!  It’s hard not to feel like a scholar when you are in the Nations Library.

I’m also really discovering public pedagogy and seeing how it relates to adults, libraries, and all places (whether they are designed for learning or not).  I can’t wait to explore public pedagogy, technology and gender studies in terms of adult learning.  WOW!!!!  I’m finally seeing a dissertation in my future.

Happy New School Year Everyone!!!!!



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